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I was writing an article about who would potentially want our coveted 10th overall draft pick. I had the list of teams that didn’t have a first-round draft pick this year, 6 out of 7 teams are currently in the playoffs.

Las Vegas
Tampa Bay


Now looking at this list we can all agree how pathetic Calgary is for being the only team on that list not even to make the playoffs, especially after all their fans claimed the “have the best defense on paper.” Pfft yeah Calgary that was just as a fun season for you as it was for us. Maybe though we cant blame the team itself to much, another interesting fact about that group of teams is Calgary is the only one to trade their 1st round draft pick in the offseason prior to the season. The rest of the teams all traded their first-round draft picks away at or during the week before the trade deadline. Calgary made a mistake by trading their 1st rounder in the offseason but should they have waited and made a trade at the deadline for something they were lacking going down the stretch, maybe a Rick Nash or Evander Kane. Looking back though Mike Smith hasn’t had a healthy season since 2014/2015 and it went downhill after he got injured. It took Hamonic a month or two to settle in as well,  on top of the fact, their season was riddled with ownership fighting with City Council about building a new arena.

It sounds like common sense though. Trade your first round draft pick for a big name rental player that might be that missing piece on the team, for the playoffs.  Are the Oilers guilty of doing something even worse than the flames though? We traded our 1st and 2nd round draft pick away at the draft for an unproven D Griffin Reinhart. We all know how that turned out and it makes me skeptical about trading away our 1st round draft pick at the draft again. Another thing that has made me wonder is did we trade Jordan Eberle too early, especially in the offseason? If Chia waited for the trade deadline could we have dumped his salary grabbed a player like Strome and possibly have gotten a first-round draft pick? I’ll leave that up to you filthy animals to answer.

So at this point, I hope we don’t trade our draft pick and if we do I feel the best return for a 1st Rounder would be at the trade deadline, just like the 6 other teams on that list. We still have a sour taste in our mouth when we traded our “Barzal” pick for Reinhart, so why put us through that again anyway. Let’s hold on to the pick and attempt to draft a player that’s close to being NHL ready. The league is getting younger and faster and honestly, I trust Chia when he’s drafting, but when I see him on his phone it makes me nervous thinking he might be brewing up one of his bold trades.

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